Friday, June 15, 2012

Martin Clarke FIAS President Europe 1989

Martin Clarke FIAS European President 1989

Having returned from most probably the best European Sambo Championships ever, I decide to look up the history of the British Sombo Federation, most of which is recorded on our Web site. I have been a member off FIAS since its inception in 1985 and in that time I have held various positions for one year in 1989 I was FIAS European President, at that time there was no European Sambo Federation. The job was given to me because I along with the BSF were running the Europeans at the Pier Pavilion Herne Bay Kent, sadly this year they have demolished the building. I resigned after the competition as travelling throughout Europe was not something I could afford in those days FIAS was practically funded by Fernando Compte the Father of FIAS.  ESF President is Sergey Eliseev along with his committee have advanced European Sambo to an unbelievable level. The other position I held was FIAS Treasurer I lost this job in 1993 when there was a power struggle in FIAS, which led to it dividing into FIAS East and West, this is now in the past and FIAS is re-unified thanks to the work of David Rudman. Todays FIAS has advanced in leaps and bounds so much so they are in striking distance of becoming an Olympic Sport. The BSF although small has been vigorously promoting Sambo/Sombo where ever it goes, its members have attended ever World Championships since 1985 in spite of the fact it receives no grant aid our expenses have been met by the individual member that takes some dedication.
The BSF is in the fore front of promoting Sambo/Sombo throughout the Commonwealth and will be organising the First ever Commonwealth Sombo Championships in Scotland on September 15th 2012, the BSF will also be present at the World Championships in Minsk in November with competitors and officials who will be attending the Inaugural Meeting of the proposed Commonwealth Sambo Association.


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